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Thanks to its knowledge of postal delivery systems, ST Post offers a comprehensive Lettershop service.

Sending a letter or a parcel by post is a mundane thing, the outcome of which we take for granted.

But behind the simplicity of this act lies a complex world that we at ST Post are very familiar with. Our mission is to get your mail to its destination, which sounds obvious, but there are dozens of obstacles that can prevent a letter from reaching its intended recipient.

The Lettershop service we have set up for companies guarantees that every consignment reaches its destination without any problems, as quickly as possible and at the right cost.

How does the Lettershop service offered by ST Post work?

We start by focusing on your needs and expectations and focusing on the marketing objectives you want to achieve…

These objectives may include:

  • the retention and development of existing customers
  • the acquisition of new customers
  • bringing back old customers

The first thing to do is to analyse the marketing database and then optimise it accordingly. We have always tried to make our customers aware that “well-structured databases or data archives are the black gold of the 21st century”. We can then provide advice on what and how to send. It is at this stage that all the other operations are carried out.

ST Post also provides a daily mail service, putting its warehouse at the customer’s disposal and it is equipped to manage the contact databases entrusted to it.


  • printing of addresses
  • labelling
  • cellophane wrapping (Normal, Bio and Recyclable)
  • mechanized or manual enveloping/bagging
  • advise on the format and weight of the consignment
  • postal pre-processing
  • manual picking and packing
  • search for the best postal and courier rates
  • advise you on the most reliable postal operator in Italy and abroad
  • preferential postal rates.

Want to know more about all our services and entrust your mailings to our Lettershop service?

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