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ST Post has developed a marketing service designed to meet the needs of tour operators.

Our postal marketing services are the result of many years of experience working with hoteliers and tour operators as well as decades of collaboration with and

We at ST Post have been working in the dispatch business for over 10 years. During this time we have worked extensively with hoteliers and tour operators, developing a unique service offering for them.

Today, in addition to classic mailing, graphic design and printing services, we also offer hotel consultancy services for the development of innovative marketing solutions.

Each project starts with an analysis of the company’s situation and goes on to define the most effective marketing strategies to promote the company.

We cover it all, from identifying the competitive positioning to developing the business plan, from analysing the target groups to finding the most suitable price and offer strategies: the end result being a complete marketing plan. The aim of our work is to improve your company’s performance.

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